The Ostonian Authority spans the old continent. Under the auspices of the four Crystals, its cities grew large and healthy. The ancient kingdoms lie forgotten, every people absorbed into the Authority's bureaucratic utopia. That is, until the Stillness settled in. Crops withered and died, scarcity returned, and the utopia dissolved almost overnight. The decision to send the Crystals into the Tumult was an unpopular one, but good ideas were as scarce as food, and the arks were constructed in the absence of solutions.

The BlindOak

Built large enough to weather the Tumult and propelled by the Sight Crystal's magic, the BlindOak sped through the darkness for over a year before running aground on the rocky shores of a new continent. Such a lengthy voyage was impossible to prepare for, and supplies didn't hold. Of the ten thousand passengers, a fraction survived the journey.

BlindOak Prow

The survivors fashioned the ark's upturned prow into a tiered city and established a system of scouting and resource acquisition. Though the Stillness is weaker here, the land itself is hostile, and the crew must also survive its own divisions: political and personal battle lines drawn during the many mutinies.

Different factions rise and fall; old friendships give way to tactical alliance and bitter rivalries. At each faction's core is always one or more "Champion of the Crystal," powerful individuals blessed by the Sight Crystal.

In BlindOak Prow, you will assemble your own group of Champions and vie with others for control of the expedition's destiny!