The Champions of the Sight Crystal, we were the hope of civilization, the shining stars of the BlindOak. When the mutinies started, that all changed. We took sides. Most of us didn't survive.

When the BlindOak ran aground, we started by fortifying it against whatever dangers might lurk in the shadows of the new land. We shaped the upturned prow into a walled city, and sent out scouts to investigate and forage. BlindOak Prow became a bustling burg in its own right. And then what did we do, you ask?

We fought over it.


Bloodbeard the Bold
Half ifrit, half gargoyle, he was the standing champion of the BlindOak boxing rings until he had to kill his competitors, sponsors, and fans in the third mutiny.
Big Karl
No one packs a bigger punch. Karl may look like a big idiot, but actually he honed his skills in order to protect his favorite library on the BlindOak.
Merethyl the Companion
Merethyl welcomes the Stillness, seeing the decline of civilization as a first step toward ensuring nature's order. She joined the expedition in order to sabotage it.
Werebear Len
A tragic encounter with a werebear decimated this debutante's dreams and vocabulary. She boarded the BlindOak hoping proximity to the Crystal would help her control her form.
Sir Praesidix
Sir Praesidix joined the BlindOak accompanying Father Ira, acting as his eyes-and-ears while Ira preached. Rumor has it they may have plotted a mutiny together...
Dragoon Captain Elanar
Elanar would often ride seahorses ahead into the Stillness, the faint light from her shield guiding the ship forward. Where was she the day the BlindOak crashed?
Father Ira
More than just a passionate preacher, Father Ira always seemed to have the right words to inspire those around him, even in the darkest of times.
Sacred Val
Val lost her tenure as a living saint when she chose sides in the second mutiny. The BlindOak's figurehead—carved in her image—rots at the bottom of the ocean.
The Butcher of Doxalley
When food stores began dwindling on the BlindOak, she took on the unsavory task of making sure no one went hungry. Her reputation never quite recovered.
Supplier Morren
A pathological hoarder, he's half the reason the BlindOak's supplies ran out as fast as they did. Luckily for him, he has always been able to buy allies by redistributing stolen goods.
Ampeth, Overflowing
Now that the BlindOak has made land and he's no longer worried about sinking it accidentally, Ampeth is excited to release all the arcane energies he'd bottled up.
Master Zanostiphenes
His perfect memory made him the perfect navigator in a time when star charts became useless. He's been a bit melancholic since the ship ran aground.
The Collector
No one knows with certainty what exactly they collect, but when something catches their eye, best stay out of their way.
Serena the Bard
Among the BlindOak's passengers, she is the most afraid of the Stillness. While Serena's songs uplift others, she plays them primarily to keep her own fears at bay.
He taught the beasts speech, hoping to share their secrets with Merethyl. When she spurned him for being yet another civilizer, he taught the beasts war.
Jackie Trades
The first mate of the BlindOak, Jackie's quick thinking and diverse skill set make her well equipped to handle most situations.
Outrider Charles
Charles is an expert at logistics and planning. He has ingratiated himself to Admiral Gray and gained renown for his work overseeing Blindoak Prow's expeditionary forces.
Raste the Erratic
Raste's demeanor—his constant scowl and errant eye—often kept people at a distance. So much so, in fact, that during the mutinies, no one dared convince him to join their side.

More characters will be released after launch.